MBESMulti-Beam Echo-Sounder
MBESMarine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences (Medical University of South Carolina; Charleston, SC)
MBESMagnetic Bottle Electron Spectrometer
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The experience of MBES highlights the difficulties of change on staff, the need to acknowledge the sense of loss that occurs during organizational change, and finally, the importance of collaboration and teamwork.
Despite the lack of institutional supports, MBES was allowed to operate independently and individual staff had freedom and discretion in how they did their jobs.
At MBES, having a new director come in who had a strong belief in supported employment was essential, since this was not a strength of other agency staff.
At MBES, the work done prior to the move to both recruit referrals and lay groundwork helped enable the program to achieve some early successes.
Experiences at MetroWest and MBES point out that this fear may underestimate the coping skills of people with severe disabilities.
Despite strong efforts to retain and retrain existing staff, both MetroWest and MBES initially experienced significant employee turnover during the change process.
The decision to close the CAP program and replace it with MBES was made without input from staff or clients.
With both MBES and MetroWest, the ultimate success of the change was dependent on major shifts in the way the organizations did business, and in how they operated on a day-to-day basis.