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MBESTMonterey Bay Education, Science and Technology Center (University of California, Santa Cruz)
MBESTModulus Blipped Echo-Planar Single-Pulse Technique (gastroenterology)
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mbest (t) = [1/M][M.summation over (i=1)]pbest(t) (14)
where [alpha] is just a parameter of QPSO, t is the number of iterations and mbest is the average of the optimal location that all particles have searched in the local.
The method of (11) has the following problems: since mbest is a relatively stable value, the search information of the whole swarm cannot be effectively utilized.
u is random number distributed in [0, 1], and mbest is the mean position and defined as follows:
where [C.sup.n]= ([C.sup.1.sub.n], [C.sup.2.sub.n] ..., [C.sup.n.sub.n]) is the mbest position.
mbest = ([[summation].sup.n.sub.m=1] [pbest.sub.i])/n, (2)
In the BQPSO, the mean best (mbest) position of all particles is determined by the states of the bits of all particles' pbest.
Mbest = 1/M [M.summation over (i=1)] [P.sup.l.sub.i] (t)
Besides the introduction of mean best position (mbest), the particles in QPSO are assumed to follow a double exponential distribution in a quantum S potential well around its local focus when a new position is sampled, which is the most significant difference between QPSO and PSO.