MBETMaster of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (University of Waterloo)
MBETMonostatic-to-Bistatic Equivalence Theorem
MBETMinistria e Bashkepunimit Ekonomik dhe Tregetise (Albanian: Ministry of Economic Collaboration and Trade)
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The use of DPV at the workstation of the exposed manikin cooled the body and decreased the MBET for the exposed body segments (back of neck, face), as can be seen from the results in Figure 6 (left).
MBET = manikin-based equivalent temperature ([degrees]C)
The very first question on the student survey is, "I would recommend the MBET program to a friend or colleague.
Maximize advisory council survey score: The MBET value proposition is tightly tied to strong links to the business community.
Maximize commercialization practicum survey score: Another key to the MBET value proposition is the commercialization practicum, where students consult for a real company and develop a plan to bring an idea/technology through the various commercialization phases.
The results explained how MBET is progressing toward strategic achievements and is forcing management to think of necessary changes or modifications to take the organization further.
Like many organizations, MBET is short-staffed and resource-constrained and must focus on achieving key priorities.