MBFRMutual & Balanced Force Reduction
MBFRMuscular Blood Flow at Rest (radiology)
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En 1963 se inicio la detente en Europa, cuando Estados Unidos y la Union Sovietica firmaron el Tratado de Moscu de no-proliferacion nuclear; y en 1968 los europeos de uno y otro bloque entablaron en Viena negociaciones para reducir los armamentos convencionales, Mutual and balanced force reductions, MBFR, en su continente.
Personnel levels had been the focus of the unsuccessful MBFR talks but had not been included in the CFE negotiation because of verification difficulties.
Even during the mandate talks there had been rumblings of independence on the eastern side, fomented by Hungary, and it was obvious that if we wanted to take advantage of the structure and discipline afforded by a bloc-to-bloc negotiation, we would have to move at a much faster pace than we had during MBFR.