MBGAMicro Ball Grid Array (microelectronics)
MBGAMyrtle Beach Golf Association
MBGAManitoba Geocaching Association (Manitoba, Canada)
MBGAMissouri Boer Goat Association
MBGAMichigan Boer Goat Association
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To build trust among the partners, MBGA established an intensive agenda of membership meetings and sent its board to Chile to learn more about Hortifrut.
The Olin MBGA family supports die sizes up to 20mm or larger.
Olin Interconnect Technologies is an ISO 9001 certified supplier of proprietary high performance IC packaging materials, including MQUAD and MBGA packages, located in Manteca, Calif.
OIT, a leading supplier of single-chip packaging for the semiconductor industry, is manufacturing a new generation of MBGA packages using thin film foundry services from MicroModule Systems' Cupertino, Calif.
The OIT MBGA packages, built using thin film interconnect on anodized aluminum, extend the advantages of BGA technology to very high pin count designs in excess of 600 I/O, while offering superior thermal performance when compared to laminate-based BGA designs.
Grove, MMS chairman and CEO, said "We expect the OIT MBGA program to create many high-volume thin film applications for our thin film foundry, paving the way for exciting new low-cost, highly integrated semiconductor products.
Future plans include high density multilayer, few chip MCM, and flip chip versions of the MBGA package.
Olin Interconnect Technologies provides high-performance packaging systems, including MBGA and MQUAD packages, to semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.
In addition to the MQUAD and MBGA packages provided by OIT, Olin Electronic Materials supplies high reliability hybrid packages and high performance electronic alloys.