MBGAMake Britain Great Again
MBGAMicro Ball Grid Array
MBGAMetal Ball Grid Array
MBGAMake Brazil Great Again (political slogan)
MBGAMicro Ball Grid Array (microelectronics)
MBGAMyrtle Beach Golf Association
MBGAManitoba Geocaching Association (Manitoba, Canada)
MBGAMissouri Boer Goat Association
MBGAMichigan Boer Goat Association
MBGAMinnesota Boer Goat Association (est. 2017)
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Also 2 mg of MBG, MBGT, and MBGA were added into 1mL of diluent colibacillus solution, respectively.
After the Ti and Ag doping, the peak decreases obviously, implying the less ordered mesoporous structure of MBGT and MBGA. And the MBGT possesses the weakest diffraction peak (Figure 1), because of the quick hydrolyzation of tetrabuty titanate that destroys the ordered degree of MBGT.
The morphology and components of MBG, MBGT, and MBGA are exhibited in Figure 3.
The nitrogen adsorption-desorption isotherms of MBG, MBGT, and MBGA (Figure 4(a)) indicate the type IV isotherm with H1-type hysteresis loops of the mesoporous materials with uniform pore size.
Figure 5 shows the fT-IR spectra of MBG, MBGT, and MBGA. It can be found that there are three characteristic absorption bands at 1085, 815, and 465 [cm.sup.-1], which are attributed to Si-O-Si asymmetric stretching vibration, Si-O-Si symmetric stretching vibration, and Si-O bending vibration for MBG [20,21].
MBGA has no characteristic absorption band of Ag-O stretching vibration in the FT-IR spectra testifying without silver oxide.
Apatite-Forming Ability of MBG, MBGT, and MBGA. The SEM images in Figure 6 indicate the formation of apatite on the surface of these functional MBGs samples in SBF solution for a period of time.
The peak strength of MBGA is strongest of all, later is MBGT, and the BMG is the lowest.
Antimicrobial Test of MBG, MBGT, and MBGA. Figures 8 and 9 exhibit the antimicrobial property of these samples.
MBGA and MBGT were synthesized using the simple method.
To build trust among the partners, MBGA established an intensive agenda of membership meetings and sent its board to Chile to learn more about Hortifrut.