MBGEMultiswitch Business Group Elements
MBGEMoreno Braun, García Espinoza (founders of MBGE Intersistemas, Mexico)
MBGEMissile-Borne Guidance Equipment
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As shown in Figure 5(b), increasing the glycerol to 1-butene molar ratio from 1 : 3 to 1 : 5 caused the glycerol conversion and the selectivity towards MBGEs and DBGEs to slightly increase.
The lower acid capacity of the catalyst during the glycerol butylation after 72 h would increase the dimerization reaction of 1-butene that influences the glycerol selectivity towards MBGEs and DBGEs.
Previous tert-butyl glycerol ether research work reported that 10% of ethers (MBGEs 1.6%, DBGEs 39.2%, and TBGE 58.3%) blended in diesel could decrease the cetane number by 2.5 points [8].