MBGTSMissile-Borne Guidance Test Set
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The nitrogen adsorption-desorption isotherms of MBG, MBGT, and MBGA (Figure 4(a)) indicate the type IV isotherm with H1-type hysteresis loops of the mesoporous materials with uniform pore size.
Figure 5 shows the fT-IR spectra of MBG, MBGT, and MBGA.
The characteristics absorption band at 895 [cm.sup.-1] are attributed to Ti-O for MBGT. MBGA has no characteristic absorption band of Ag-O stretching vibration in the FT-IR spectra testifying without silver oxide.
The peak strength of MBGA is strongest of all, later is MBGT, and the BMG is the lowest.
MBGA and MBGT were synthesized using the simple method.