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No assumptions are made on the volume of pedestrians, which were considered as punctual observations (the sensors register the pedestrian position over time considering their heads as reference), but the MBHB shapes were modified adding 30 cm per each side of the rectangle, thus considering the volume of the passengers at the border of the clusters, since the reference value of the average body ellipse of an adult is about 60 cm wide [18].
Thirdly, the very definition of boarding clusters, namely the MBHB approach, could affect results, since passengers who are relatively further away from the cluster (queue) can also be included, thus leading to lower density values.
Caption: Figure 3: Modelling the boarding clusters: (a) minimal bounding box (MBB); (b) minimal bounding ellipse (MBE); (c) minimal bounding horizontal box (MBHB).
29, that making such copies without authorization is infringement, and are seeking damages and injunctions against both MBHB and SLW.
Licensing articles would create "additional delays and costs," says Marcus Thymian, MBHB's managing partner.