MBHDMobile Bay Harley-Davidson Incorporated (Mobile, AL)
MBHDMedial Basal Hypothalamic Deafferentation
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However, on the basis of the k[bar{a}]rik[bar{a}]s in their own context one has to arrive at different conclusions, conclusions which are moreover in perfect accord with some relevant remarks by the author of the MBhD. This passage is therefore one of the reasons to keep what is said in the Vrtti strictly separate from what is said in the k[bar{a}]rik[bar{a}]s, in whichever way one decides the authorship of these two works.
As for the MBhD, its author evinces an awareness of both the view that incorrect words are not expressive (MBhD 1:10.14--15) and the view that they are (MBhD 1:26.13--14, 27.34--35).
241), appended to this passage, Houben criticizes Virendra Sharma, saying: "Sharma (1977: 147--148) mentions only MBhD 1:10.14--15 as 'proof' of Bhartrhari's denial of direct expressive powers to incorrect words, and neglects the other two places which would have compelled him to modify his position." In footnote 377 (p.