MBHPMetropolitan Boston Housing Partnership (est. 1983; Boston, MA)
MBHPMassachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership
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Through ESP, MBHP maintains community-based locations and mobile crisis intervention, adult mobile crisis intervention, and adult community crisis stabilization services.
MBHP, through the ESP program, is able to provide an innovative program that increases integrated and coordinated care to residents of the Commonwealth that suffer from mental health illnesses.
MBHP recognizes the reality of mental health care in Massachusetts and incorporates those realities into measuring the performance and outcome of ESP.
MBHP manages one of the largest health provider networks in Massachusetts.
MBHP had initially hoped to use Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to improve its reporting processes, but found Crystal Reports was a better fit for their organization.
MBHP is the state's largest regional provider of rental housing voucher assistance, serving Boston and 29 surrounding communities.
com/hectorcruz or by contacting MBHP at (617) 425-6762.
MBHP is the state's largest provider of rental housing assistance.
Lane's leadership, MBHP has set the performance standard for public sector managed behavioral health care," said Richard Sheola, president of ValueOptions Public Sector Division.
We have experienced tighter bed availability in the month of March and into the first week of April," said Anne Pelletier Parker, vice president of network management with MBHP.
MBHP will also assist in contractor selection, monitor the rehabilitation work and conduct the final inspection of the home.
Founded in 1983 by business, government and civic leaders, MBHP serves 10,000 families in Boston and 33 surrounding communities.