MBICMinimum Biofilm Inhibitory Concentration (microbiology)
MBICMarine Biotechnology Institute Culture (collection)
MBICMy Brother in Christ
MBICMichigan Beef Industry Commission
MBICMutual Benefit Insurance Company (Pennsylvania and Maryland)
MBICMolecular and Biological Imaging Center (Marshall University, Huntington, WV)
MBICMarine Biotechnology Institute Co. Ltd. (Japan)
MBICMassachusetts Bay Insurance Company (Worcester, MA)
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Strain Combination MBIC([mu]g/ml) tested: [A/B.sup.a] A A+0.5 B B + MBIC 0.5 B MBIC A P.
Christine Richard recounts the efforts of William Ackman, a controversial hedge fund manager who passionately, perhaps obsessively, advocated the theory that Municipal Bond Insurance Company (MBIC), a company that insured government and corporate debt from default, was not as secure as it and the credit rating companies claimed.
A selecao da ordem de defasagens para os modelos VAR em painel estimados teve como base os criterios de informacao de Akaike modificado (MAIC), Bayesiano modificado (MBIC) e Hannan-Quinn (MQIC).
* As the first director of the Miller Business Innovation Center (MBIC), Archibald helps new entrepreneurs find resources to build lasting businesses.
The transverse relaxivities of the hexyl bisphosphonate MGICs were compared to our previously reported magnetic block ionomer complexes (MBICs) and MBIClusters as well as to a commercial [T.sub.2]-weighted MRI contrast agent Feridex IV.