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- US-based clinical diagnostics and sample testing company MBio Diagnostics, Inc.
Dogs are a potential reservoir for a future influenza pandemic, according to a new study, which was published on Tuesday in the journal mBio, which is affiliated with the American Society for Microbiology.
The study, published in the journal mBio, said they are a potential reservoir for a future pandemic because dog flu is jumping from pigs - and becoming more diverse.
The findings, published in the journal mBio, may help explain why many P.
The findings, published in the journal mBio , may help explain why many Plasmodium vivax infections go undetected.
While it seems a far-fetched reality at present, he cited the Muntinlupa Barangay Information Officers (MBIO) as the first and only active communicators' group in the community level in the country.
This teamwork lets infections spread more easily--but also could offer a target for new treatments, scientists report online June 28 in mBio.
The findings were published in specialist journal mBio.
The culprit is related to a family of influenza viruses, and appears to kill fish by causing brain swelling in tilapia in Israel and liver disease in the fish in Ecuador, said the findings in the journal mBio.
"Infections caused by ESKAPE bacteria are essentially unbeatable and contribute to increasing mortality in hospitals," said UBC microbiologist Julian Davies, co-author of a paper published in the American Society for Microbiology's mBio journal.
A newly-published paper in mBio reports that 229E, which produces a range of respiratory symptoms from the common cold to more lethal outcomes such as pneumonia, can survive on surface materials including ceramic tiles, glass, rubber, and stainless steel for at least five days.