MBISTMemory Built-in Self Test
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MBIST in Blast DFT is one of the technologies resulting from Magma's Cobra development that was announced on April 4.
With built-in repair analysis, Blast DFT's MBIST supports multiple dimensions of redundancy, such as row and column, and can be deployed for hard, soft or composite repair strategies.
Its unique at-speed operation, MBIST Full-Speed(TM), enables the tool to run the Artisan-recommended memory tests at-speed.
The comprehensive detection techniques offered by the MBIST Full-Speed(TM) feature, the MBISTArchitect tool's at-speed testing capability, in combination with the versatile memory test algorithms, including the MBIST Flex(TM) user-definable algorithm feature, ensure subtle defects are identified and corrected by replacing them with redundant cells.
The MBIST operations run more than three-times faster than alternative solutions, requiring only half as many cycles.
Faraday can select from a set of pre-defined industry-standard algorithms, such as March C and checkerboard, or the tool's own MBIST Flex(TM) user-definable algorithm which applies at-speed tests with flexible pattern applications to detect technology specific defects.
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