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The successful bidder will create and begin the implementation of templates in order to redesign and modernize the MBLC s Agency website (see Section 7.
The MBLC needs a presence on the web that will empower our stakeholders, amplify the importance of libraries in the Commonwealth, and convey the value of the expertise provided by our staff.
The MBLC reports that 58 million items were borrowed from public libraries across the state last year, and ebook loans more than tripled.
Statewide resource sharing will eliminate much of the disparity between the reference services available to prosperous communities and smaller or poorer ones," says Robert Maier, head of library development at MBLC.
The MBLC grant is designated only for major facility and expansion projects; it can't be spent for day-to-day operating costs.
Each year, the MBLC grants a limited number of waivers to communities that did not budget the required amount toward the library.
We were aware that it does cost more to build green, but fortunately, we were able to utilize a green incentive construction grant that was awarded to us from the MBLC in the amount of $125,000," he said.
In addition, MBLC aid to the local library would also be cut.
After extensive review, the MBLC placed them on a wait list in July 2005 with additions in April 2006.
closes completely) or reduces its hours or support below the MBLC standard for the size of community it serves," according to the policy accepted June 25 by the trustees of the Gardner library.
Under MBLC grant program the state pays for one-third of building costs, a community pays one third and one third comes from fundraising.
Celeste Bruno, spokeswoman for the MBLC, said waivers usually are granted when library budgets are reduced by less than 5 percent of the previous year's budget, and if other town budgets were reduced across the board, as is the case in West Boylston.