MBLPMemory-Based Language Processing
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Algorithm 1: The Multicast Based onLP-Relaxation (MBLP) algorithm.
In this section, we will conduct extensive simulations to evaluate the performance of the proposed MORT algorithm and the MBLP algorithm for the SMMS problem with fixed source and source selection, respectively.
The reason is that, for each multicast, the more the nodes that can be selected as the source, the higher optimization space (probability) that higher SWT can be achieved by the MBLP (RS) algorithm.
(2) When the source of each multicast can be selected from a set of nodes, we firstly formulated the problem as an integer linear programming (ILP) and then proposed a near-optimal MBLP algorithm based on LP relaxation to solve the ILP.
MBLP operates a vertically integrated municipal electric utility system (the system) serving approximately 17,000 retail customers in northern Michigan.
In addition, the power plant will serve as a new source of income for MBLP. Thanks to the ability to bring up the Smart Power Generation plant in less than 5 minutes, we will be able to follow spikes in the electricity price and sell power to the grid, says Kitti.
Nominal initial principal amortization through 2019 will keep leverage high over the near term, but MBLP has no additional debt plans and expects to meet all future capital improvements with funds from operations.
MBLP has not added generation assets in over 30 years, limiting capital needs to local transmission and distribution and resulting in a very favorable debt profile historically.
MBLP's financial forecast shows a decline in fiscal 2016 results versus the prior year due principally to increased debt service related to the 2016 bonds ($2.5 million in 2016).