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MBMMotherboard Monitor
MBMMeat and Bone Meal (feed)
MBMMeadowbrook Meat (foodservice distributor; Rocky Mount, NC)
MBMMasters in Business & Management (various schools)
MBMMainboard Monitor
MBMMultiservice Bandwidth Manager
MBMMainframe Batch Manager
MBMMulti Bit Map
MBMMedia Bandwidth Management
MBMMachine by Machine
MBMMeat Beat Manifesto (band)
MBMMedia Bandwidth Management (networking)
MBMMarket Based Management
MBMMercedes-Benz Manhattan (New York)
MBMMarket-Based Mechanism
MBMMarket Basket Measure
MBMMarine Birds and Mammals (various organizations)
MBMMarried Black Male
MBMMennonite Board of Missions
MBMMiami Beach Marina (Miami Beach, FL)
MBMMission-Based Management
MBMMagnetic Bubble Memory
MBMManual Berthing Mechanism
MBMMessage Board Moderator
MBMMarshall Bruce Mathers (Eminem, music artist)
MBMMulti-Buoy Mooring
MBMMarusyk, Miller & Swain (intellectual property law firm; Canada)
MBMMicrobial Benthos Method
MBMMoon Beam Media (UK)
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'The age limit of 15-35 years is the best and reasonable solution that is best received by all MBM affiliates partners to be implemented before the next step for MBM and its affiliates to campaign 'all out' to give way to youths under 30 years to lead youth societies including MBM,' the veteran activist said.
One that tells the tale of a company called MBM. How it operates by joining hands with large corporations and institutes, and in the name of sub-contracting, releases them of their responsibilities towards their lower staff, all the while making money by skimping off these rights.
Hiresh Ranjan Bhowmick, director general of the DSL, told The News Today "We banned its import after finding that some businesses were importing low-quality MBM through misdeclaration".
The MBM Live Case Project is now in its fourth year.
In terms of experience, MBM provides a different running experience as an internationally acclaimed marathon event, with a route that offers Bali's scenic natural beauty and culture as a tourism destination with its slopes, rice fields, and villages along Gianyar and Klungkung residences.
Food and Drug Administration approvals for CBI and BRAFV600-targeted therapy, MBM patients showed a significant increase in four-year OS from 7.4 percent pre-approval to 14.1 percent.
SINCE THE FOOD and Drug Administration first approved check point blockade immunotherapy (CBI) and [BRAF.sup.V600]-targeted therapy in 2011, survival times for patients with melanoma brain metastases (MBMs) have significantly improved, with a 91% increase in 4-year overall survival from 7.4% to 14.1%.
Concentration data on some essential elements and heavy metals in MBM of nursery mothers from different countries analyzed with different techniques such as flame photometry [9], ion chromatography [10], proton-induced X-ray emission, and instrumental neutron activation [11] have been reported.
For MBM technique, it has been proved in [2] that a 1 x N MBM over static multipath channel asymptotically achieves the capacity of N parallel AWGN channels, where for each unit of energy over the single transmit antenna, the effective energy for each AWGN channel is the statistical average of channel fading.
"MBM Metalwork Construction represents quality German engineering and is a very important addition to the Birmingham business scene."
We the Sudanese people lived and witnessed in bitterness the level of damage and deterioration caused to Sudan over the past Twenty-Six lean years by the Muslim Brotherhood Movement (MBM) regime, with its Multi-marathon nomenclature, the National Islamic Front (NIF), National Congress Party (NCP) and Popular Congress Party (PCP) using a Demolition Pick.
The resolution recommends that, any global Market-Based Measures (MBM) should not hamper the growth of aviation; a global MBM should supersede any national approaches by a government or a region; and when the global MBM goes into effect, governments should withdraw all of taxes and levies introduced under the banner of the environment.