MBMGMorton Beeson Manchett Gedney (MBM Produce Ltd; UK)
MBMGMonterey Bay Master Gardeners (Watsonville, CA)
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MBMG's 'aggressive' portfolio managed by MBMG Asset Management Chief Investment Officer Paul Gambles outperformed its ARC benchmark by 19.
In addition, the MBMG 'cautious balanced' portfolio achieved a performance 5.
In response, MBMG now offers the 'aggressive' collection of investments as a publicly available unitized portfolio, launched earlier this month.
Commenting on the overall performance in 2011, Gambles said that the philosophy of multi-manager, multi-asset portfolios, which MBMG has been recommending for over a decade, was yet again a "proven winner".
In the 'balanced cautious' portfolio, MBMG used the recommendations of Martin Gray of MitonOptimal Guernsey to achieve a gain of 2.
But any red ink at all on the performance charts is an anathema to us at MBMG.
Booths already sells Anya, but an exclusive contract with Sainsbury prevents MBMG marketing the salad potato more widely to multiples.