MBMRMath-Based Metal Removal (machining simulation software)
MBMRMoreton Bay Model Railways (Australia)
MBMRMaster Builder Master Remodelor Program (Greater Birmingham Association of Home Builders; Alabama)
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It was hypothesized that in situ DM and NDF degradation would be enhanced in the pmBMR compared to the mBMR and the CCS due mainly to stage of maturity.
Louis, MO, USA) and mBMR (Mycogen F2F387; Mycogen Seeds, Indianapolis, IN, USA) were planted on a site that previously produced corn grown for silage.
Corn plants were cut at tassel with a self-propelled windrower (model WR9770, Hesston, Duluth, GA, USA), allowed to wilt for approximately 28 h and chopped using the same forage harvester used for the CCS and the mBMR. All forages were blown directly from the harvester into a truck with a box-style wagon which had been previously calibrated for weight.
Sole-crop corn plants harvested at maturity yielded 53.6 and 52.0 Mg/ha, respectively, for the CCS and the mBMR. Double-cropping corn plants harvested at tassel yielded 24.7 and 24.9 Mg/ha, respectively, for the pmBMR1 and the pmBMR2.
The MBMR function of the proposed radar is implemented by the combination of TX switch processing, FMCW control, and DBF algorithm.
The MBMR radar has a highly integrated size of 10 x 9.5 x 3 [cm.sup.3] as shown in Figure 7(b).
The proposed MBMR radar was installed in the test vehicle, Tucson ix platform, which is produced by Hyundai Motor Company as shown in Figure 8(a).
The experiments were performed to confirm if the MBMR radar could simultaneously detect the range and angle information of two targets, which were located long range and short range beam area, respectively.