MBNSMEASAT Broadcast Network Systems Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
MBNSMother Baby Nutrition Supplement (financial benefit; Canada)
MBNSMarine Barracks, Naval Station (US Navy)
MBNSMeta-4 Business Networking Solutions (various locations)
MBNSMethylene Blue Non-Staining
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'The duration of the exclusive rights and privileges expired on Feb 28 last year, however, MBNS can still continue satellite broadcasting activities on a non-exclusive basis because the licence it owns under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 is valid until Feb 1, 2020,' he said.
The money is to be used to fund MBNS' costs related to the production, purchase and licensing procedures.
Durante la estacion seca, el nivel desciende a 6.21 mbns para el acuifero Potrero y 10.75 mbns para el acuifero Caimital, conforme al decrecimiento de las descargas a 0,12 [m.sup.3]/s para el Rio Potrero y 0,021 [m.sup.3]/s para el Rio Caimital, en el mes de abril (Figuras 5 y 6).
En esta zona, los hidrogramas muestran una ciclicidad en la variacion del nivel freatico, pues en la zona norte del area de estudio, muy cerca al Rio Potrero, el nivel freatico se halla entre 1.30 - 9.75 mbns, ascendiendo entre los meses de abril y mayo (periodo lluvioso), y descendiendo en los meses de diciembre a marzo (Figura 8).
(1972); and Scharf (1973) found that while many prisoners were individually capable of stage three reasoning, MBNS was largely stage two.
Proposition 14: The more MBNS emphasizes PrMR, the greater the tendency for ethically dysfunctional outcomes.
Through television, radio, and multiple online platforms, MBN provides an undistorted line of communication to engage with the people of the Middle East and deliver accurate and objective information about America, Americas policies and people.
This led the government in the early 1990s to pursue a much more informative measure to assess household welfare, called the Minimum Basic Needs (MBN) indicator system.
The MBN system has since evolved into the now widely used Community Based Monitoring System or CBMS, which cut the list of monitored items into half for more manageability.
Malignant blue nevus (MBN) is a rare form of aggressive melanoma first described by Allen and Spitz.
Histologic features of MBN are illustrated in Figure 4, A through F.