MBNetMinority Business Network
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(2) O metodo de pagamento Mbnet foi desenvolvido pelo sistema bancario portugues para a realizacao de compras atraves da Internet, e pode estar associado a um cartao de debito ou a um cartao de credito (http://www.mbnet.pt).
The University's own data network was the first in the province, and it nursemaids Manitoba's Internet "node", MbNet, through which about fifty thousand people Net-chat and data-swap with the world.
Here are the regional networks: BCnet in British Columbia; ARnet in Alberta is the Alberta Research Network; SASKSnet is in Saskatchewan; MBnet is Manitoba; ONet is Ontario; RISQ is the Quebec network, PEI in Price Edward Island; ACCESSNB in New Brunswick; NSTNet in Nova Scotia; (NSTN stands for Nova Scotia Technology Network); and LNnet for the Newfoundland and Labrador network.