MBOEPDThousand Barrels of Oil Equivalents Per Day
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For the same time period, the company also executed gas basis hedges for 70,000 MMBtu per day (~11,700 Mboepd; 56% of the ~21,000 Mboepd produced by these wells in 2018) at an average TETCO M2 price of (USD 0.40) per MMBtu, which also represents a premium to current month pricing of approximately 9%.
Average production climbed 23 percent to 20.2 mboepd.
Pioneer anticipates that after drilling and completing these two wells, the CompanyEoACAOs net production from Tunisia will be in the range of 8 MBOEPD to 9 MBOEPD by early 2011.
- Crude production: 140 mt of oil equivalent (2.8 mboepd) (including 100 mt of oil), down from the 2017 target of 195 mt of oil equivalent (3.5-4 mboepd) in the previous strategy.
Indeed, the gas exports of Russia (nearly 2.26 million barrels of oil equivalent per day - mboepd in 2000) are more than half its 4 million barrels per day (mbpd) of oil exports, while Algeria's exports of natural gas (at around 1.07 mboepd in 2000) are almost 240 per cent larger than its oil exports (about 0.45 mbpd in the same year).
Exceeded second-quarter guidance with production of 329 MBoepd.
This activity level is projected to deliver 2019 Permian production of 320 to 335 MBOEPD and 203 to 213 MBOPD, representing approximately 12% to 17% growth over 2018 production levels.
The company's previously announced annual production guidance was 202 to 210 Mboepd, of which 46 to 48 Mboepd was attributable to Malaysia.
Anadarko is a relatively large, liquids-oriented independent E&P company with 3Q18 production at approximately 682 thousand barrels of oil equivalent per day (mboepd; 74% liquids).
Production for the quarter was 81.2 Mboepd (Million barrels oil equivalent per day) as compared with 89.5 Mboepd in Q2 2017.
Pertamina's objectives for the period of 2012 -- 2016 includes become the largest energy company in Indonesia with a growth rate of 13.20 per cent + in 2016 and obtain production of 875.90 Mboepd with reserves of 3,301 MMboe; increase refining processing capacity from 303.90 Mmboe in 2012 to 333.50 mboe in 2016; and become market leader with 99 per cent market share for subsidised fuel and 65 per cent for non-subsidised fuel by increasing retail fuel sales from 41.6 million KL in 2012 to 56.8 million KL in 2016 with a CAGR of 8 per cent.