MBOHMontana Board of Housing (Helena, MT)
MBOHMaine Bureau of Health (now Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention)
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Each sample with the specific holding period was then tested separately for its properties by two methods: temperature-programmed desorption of pyrrole (pyrroleTPD) and MBOH conversion.
Catalytic Conversion of MBOH. The conversions of MBOH as a function of time over grey kaolin at reaction T = 130[degrees]C and different holding times are shown in Figure 4.
There seem to be some discrepancies in the results we obtained regarding the basic properties of grey kaolin using the MBOH conversion method compared with the use of other techniques such as temperature-programmed desorption of carbon dioxide since the basicity of natural grey kaolin was evident only through the acetone product during the MBOH conversion.
MBOH transformation results showed the same direct proportionality between the MBOH conversion and holding time.
Catalytic conversion of methylbutynol (MBOH) over natural clay minerals was used for determination of surface acidity/basicity.
Applying the static nitrogen pressure of 202.65 kPa liquid MBOH was transported through the capillary with a rate of 0.2 mL/min and evaporated in nitrogen flow.
Furthermore, conversion of MBOH (X, %) and yield of products ([Y.sub.p], mol.
where [n.sub.MBOH,in] and [n.sub.MBOH,out] are the number of moles of MBOH at the input and outlet stream of reactor; [A.sub.P], [A.sub.K] and [R.sub.P], [R.sub.K] represent the peak areas and response factors of compounds P and K, respectively.
Characters, therefore, like Makia Wokwo, Mboh Fese, and even Sanga Tete (Nkuta), the fraudulent seer in whose disjointed psyche, sex looms so large, constitute a negative consciousness.
Thereafter, Fese's remark that her husband is a "spoilt pampered brat" (21) becomes the dominant evaluation of Eyoh's "hero." The Chief's brother-in-law, Mboh Fese, informs the audience that the Ambassador is an outsider in their largely rural and traditional set-up; a village chief "who cannot even understand the tradition of his people." (22) Not being a neutral character, Mboh Fese's views cannot be credited as balanced.
Chief Councilor and brother- in-law, Mboh Fese, suggests that his father was cheated out of the throne by the guile of the present incumbent's grandfather.
RRF contains a check box titled "concern suicide," which is selected "for patients who have, relevant to this call/run, expressed or displayed any suicidal tendencies or attempts." For any RRF on which "concern suicide" is selected, personal identifiers are removed and the form is sent to the MBOH Injury Prevention Program (MIPP).