MBONMaryland Board of Nursing (Baltimore, MD)
MBONMinnesota Board of Nursing (Minneapolis, MN)
MBONMississippi Board of Nursing
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MNA represents over 1690 MEMBERSHIP MBON carries out
MNA is governed by a 11 BOARD MBON consists of nine
MNA does not issue LICENSURE MBON issues professional
Professional practice STANDARDS OF MBON administers the
Renewal of nursing licenses every two years instead of every year: This change will save resources for the MBON and make licensure renewal more convenient for Maryland nurses.
Temporary Licenses: The change would allow the MBON to grant a temporary license to an applicant who has passed the NCLEX (licensure examination) and other licensure requirements, but is still awaiting completion of the criminal background check.
Easy Access to Licensing Information: The bill requires the MBON to post a record of each license on its website.
Electronic Notification of Renewal Information: The bill allows the MBON to contact licensees about renewal information either electronically or by mail.
The MBON also posts information about the approved nursing schools in on the Board's website, www.
Susan Fradkin, MS, RN, MBON Complaints and Investigations Unit
In the photo, MNA Vice President Linda DeVries, RN, from Montgomery County, and MBON Executive Director Noble (who is from the Eastern Shore), discuss ways to improve the system for nurses and their patients in 2008.