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MBONEMulticast Backbone
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The 10Mbps line got us to the edge of Mbone, and then we let multicast take it from there.
Remember, in those days, Mbone was a limited net...
The Mbone currently supports multicast traffic distribution to around 3,000 sites worldwide.
Use of VAT in piloting activities helped to identify a number of key problems that affect the perception of Mbone audio: shared network effects (packet loss) [2], scheduling in multitasking operating systems [5], and acoustic problems.
Instead you sit in front of your computer and start a video-conference with the consultant, using the MBONE Information Web.
In this decade, the advent of MBONE multicasting tools [5] using the Internet introduced the ability to deliver presentations consisting of audio, video, and slides to large audiences at their desktops.
Therefore, many whiteboard-type programs (e.g., wb of the MBONE) or application-sharing programs (e.g.
Madefast featured an early implementation of SHAREd Web [13], a real-time collaboration environment built upon the WWW and the Internet's IP Multicast Backbone (MBONE) protocols [7].
By having adequate bandwidth and evolving the IP protocol, it believes it can provide a single network for data, voice (e.g., the Internet Phone), video telephony, and even broadcast television (e.g., Mbone).
Until recently, there have been two primary alternatives, multicasting on the MBONE [5, 11] or storing prerecorded files users could download and play.
The networking community now takes it for granted that the IETF meetings will be distributed via MBone. MBone has also been used to distribute experimental data from a robot at the bottom of the Sea of Cortez (as will be described later) as well as a late Saturday night feature movie WAX or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees by David Blair.
The worldwide Internet has been providing an IP multicast routing service for some time now, through a structure called the MBone (for Multicast Backbone;).