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MBONEMulticast Backbone
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Use of VAT in piloting activities helped to identify a number of key problems that affect the perception of Mbone audio: shared network effects (packet loss) [2], scheduling in multitasking operating systems [5], and acoustic problems.
IP multicast is far from ubiquitous, and getting on to the MBONE [5] can be a lot of work in setting up tunnel software.
The first application to be integrated is an MBONE version of Shared Mosaic that can accommodate hundreds or even thousands of simultaneous users.
MBONE Provides Audio and Video across the Internet.
Many people started using MBone for conferences, weather maps, research experiments, to follow the Space Shuttle, for example.
The MBone allows applications throughout the Internet to send and receive multicast traffic.
Previously MBone broadcasts could be accessed only by users of UNIX workstations using the public-domain MBone audio/video software tools VIC and VAT.
Demonstrations of multicast over the MBONE using StreamWorks, such as those now underway at Telecom Finland, display the potential for the delivery of rich audio/video content to large, global audiences.
Monday announced that StreamWorks is being used to allow true multicast delivery of live audio over the Mbone (Multicast Backbone over the Internet).
The IP Multicast Initiative will assist the IETF's efforts to promote the ubiquitous deployment of IP Multicast," said David Meyer, director of the University of Oregon's Advanced Network Technology Center, and chairman of the IETF's MBONE Deployment Working Group.
The Slidecast feature will operate with both 16- and 32-bit IP/TV clients, as well as on UNIX- and Apple-based MBONE tools.