MBOSSMinor Bodies in the Outer Solar System
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Marty Aleksis, business director for holographic films, told Holography News that they are embossing a 65"/1650 mm active area, on 80 and 120 gauge (20 & 30 [micro]m) uncoated BOPP and on 70 and 120 gauge (18 [micro]m & 30 [micro]m) acrylic coated BOPP, known as MBOSS and ABOSS respectively.
AET Films is currently working to develop heatsealable versions of its OPP films, ABOSS and MBOSS, which will make the films more durable and less likely to stretch during the production process.
Property PET OPP Film for Holography MPF 2400 (Mitsubishi) AET MBOSS AET ABOSS 48 gauge/12 80 gauge/20 70 gauge/16 micron micron micron Density gins/cc 1.