MBPHMajor Basic Protein Homolog
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production and supply of goods and materials: mastic bituminous-polymer cold mktn brand mbph (stb 1262-2001) in the amount of 800 kg 800 kg, 0 byn2.
Request for quotations : Mastic roofing and waterproofing bitumen-polymer cold application mbph mktn (or analogue) portland cement m500 d20 (or marking cement ii / ah 42.
Prequalification are invited for Bipolikrin K-ST-BE-K / PP-4,5 (or analogue) Bipolikrin K-ST-BE-PP / PP -3.5 (or analog), Mastic roofing and waterproofing cold application MBPH "MKTN" or analogue, Portland cement M500D20 (or marking Ce.II / - 42,5).