MBPIMichigan Biologic Products Institute (Lansing, Michigan)
MBPIModified Brief Pain Inventory (pain assessment questionnaire)
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"Her hard work and tireless dedication have been instrumental in helping us reach our department goals, and key to the tremendous success the MBPI brands have enjoyed this year," Haynes says.
"This was a synergistic acquisition," says James Koeppl, senior vice president and general manager of MBPI, "continuing our tradition of catering to the shopper who is looking for value."
The restructuring will allow for the financing of Priority Operating Cost (POC) by: (i) closing the existing disbursement category for Merit-Based Performance Incentive (MBPI) or Priority Mission Group (PMG), and (ii) creating a new disbursement category for POC.
"The bright colors of Tropez speak to the entire world, with its rich tones perfect for Latin, Asian, African, Indian and European skin" remarks Shawn Haynes, MBPI's vice president of sales and marketing.