MBPNMichigan Barn Preservation Network (Mount Pleasant, MI)
MBPNMinority Business and Professional Network Inc.
MBPNMidwest Brachial Plexus Network (birth injury)
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El primero de ellos al que nos vamos a referir, publicado en 2011, proporciona informacion sobre el lenguaje utilizado en la interaccion madre-hijo, analizada con un estudio longitudinal controlado de una muestra de ninos y ninas con MBPN al final de su segundo ano de vida.
MBPN recognizes minority men and women nationally based on their commitment to business growth, professional excellence and the community.
The cover story in the current issue of Minority Enterprise Advocate, a magazine published by MBPN, notes that the RSIS CEO "has developed and leads a company that successfully integrates entrepreneurship and technology advancement for the benefit of its clients, employees and community.