MBRAMichigan Bicycle Racing Association
MBRAManchester-Boston Regional Airport (Manchester, NH)
MBRAMarket-Based Rate Authority
MBRAModel-Based Reliability Analysis
MBRAMammoth Bar Rider's Association
MBRAMarket-Based Resource Allocation (microeconomics)
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This scheme is derivative of MBRA for multihop networks.
MBRA and ELAPSE is for single hop while RMRA is for MMR networks.
In this paper, SEDRRA, an alternative to the MBRA, ELAPSE and the RMRA, is proposed.
manihotis por puncion de tallos en la variedad SG 107-35 y de hojas en la variedad MBRA 685.
De esta manera se extrajo manualmente ARN total de tallos y hojas de SG 107-35 y MBRA 685 respectivamente, siguiendo las modificaciones hechas por Rocha, P.
Con el producto de PCR de la segunda y tercera ronda de hibridacion para SG 107-35, y la tercera y cuarta ronda de hibridacion para MBRA 685, se construyo una libreria de 384 clones para cada variedad.
87) He joined MBRAS in 1976, serving as Vice-President from 1991 until shortly before his death.
Life Member of MBRAS; (203) delivered MBRAS Annual Lecture, 1989.
During this productive period he wrote eleven books and numerous journal articles; some of his prodigious output was translated into Bahasa Malaysia; he wrote a doctoral thesis; he gave encouragement to Malayan archaeology (chapters three and four); he was a Vice-President of MBRAS (p.