MBRAMichigan Bicycle Racing Association
MBRAManchester-Boston Regional Airport (Manchester, NH)
MBRAMarket-Based Rate Authority
MBRAModel-Based Reliability Analysis
MBRAMammoth Bar Rider's Association
MBRAMarket-Based Resource Allocation (microeconomics)
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AU: arbitrary units; cpRNFL: circumpapillary retinal nerve fiber layer; MBRA: mean blur rate in all area; MBRV: mean blur rate in vessel area; MBRT: mean blur rate in tissue area; mGCC: macular ganglion cell complex; TD: total deviation.
1536 clones were isolated from the resistant varieties (MBRA 685 and SG 107-35).
The Abfallwirtschaftsbetriebe Mnster intend mechanical-biological waste treatment plant (MBRA) rebuild.
different Outputtstrme mechanical-biological waste treatment plant (MBRA) Mnster.
Contract notice: Proposals of planning services for the renovation of mbra.
Disposal services for waste management operations ME-nster (AWM) in 12 lots, the Different OutputtstrE[micro]me the mechanical-biological waste treatment plant (MBRA) ME-nster.
Design contest: Upgrading of mechanical processing of mbra in abz wiewEnrthe.
The first 'Mohammad Bin Rashid Award for Investing in Scientific Research' has been presented during a gathering of Emirates Scientists Council and the Mohammad Bin Rashid Academy of Scientists (MBRAS).
The Mohammed bin Rashid Academy of Scientists (MBRAS) held a preparatory meeting to form its subcommittees, nominate subcommittee members and draft the agenda for its annual meeting scheduled for December.
(8) Paulo Jorge de Sousa Pinto, The Portuguese and the Straits of Melaka, 1575-1619: Power, trade and diplomacy (Kuala Lumpur: MBRAS; Singapore: NUS Press, 2012), p.
He edited and introduced Papers Relating to Brunei in the MBRAS Reprints series, first published in 1998 and re-issued in 2012.