MBRASMalaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society
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The award, to be given annually, was presented at a gathering of Emirates Scientists Council and the Mohammad Bin Rashid Academy of Scientists (MBRAS).
(87) He joined MBRAS in 1976, serving as Vice-President from 1991 until shortly before his death.
During this productive period he wrote eleven books and numerous journal articles; some of his prodigious output was translated into Bahasa Malaysia; he wrote a doctoral thesis; he gave encouragement to Malayan archaeology (chapters three and four); he was a Vice-President of MBRAS (p.
MBRAS monograph 42 (Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2010).
Has a road named after him in Kuching (MBRAS 1999:1, No.
See Richard Olof Winstedt, History of classical Malay literature (Kuala Lumpur: MBRAS Reprint, 1996), pp.
Gallop was invited to present the Annual MBRAS Lecture in Kuala Lumpur on 28 June 2003 (published in JMBRAS 2004), a mark of esteem which places him on a par with giants such as (to name a few) Professors Mary Turnbull (1986), K.
1682-1690" (1977)--published European Sources for the History of Brunei in the Sixteenth Century (Muzium Brunei, 1975) and Raja Bongsu of Sulu: A Brunei Hero in His Times (MBRAS Monograph No.
En estudios realizados por el Consorcio Latinoamericano y del Caribe de Apoyo a la Investigacion y al Desarrollo de la Yuca (Clayuca, s/f) sobre el comportamiento de clones de yuca en Colombia, entre 18 clones mejorados se encontro que los cultivares CM 7951-5, SM 1219-9, MBRA 383, CM 6740-7, CM 7514-7, SM 1460-1 y SM 1741-1 sobresalieron tanto por su rendimiento en peso fresco como por los altos valores de contenido de materia seca.