MBRBMedical Biomolecular Research Building (Carolina Cardiovascular Biology Center; Chapel Hill, NC)
MBRBMetro Bowhunters Resource Base (Circle Pines, MN)
MBRBMolecular Biology Research Building (University of Illinois)
MBRBMills Blue Rhythm Band (jazz group)
MBRBMaine Biomedical Research Board
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Some examples of MBRB assisted hunts include one at the Twin Cities Army Ammunition facility where sharpshooters traditionally were used to manage the deer herd.
Even under the constraints of hunting weekday mornings only, three days per week, the MBRB hunters were able to remove 108 deer in three years, 93 of which were does.
On Minneapolis water plant grounds that contained 31 deer, 16 MBRB archers were able to remove 22 of the deer with 26 shots, a performance that compared favorably with anything the sharpshooters could do.