MBRPMilitary Burn Research Program (US Army)
MBRPMartin Barkey Racing Products (Huntsville, ON, Canada)
MBRPMunicipal Building Retrofit Program (Canada)
MBRPMinority Business Rewards Program (online discount service)
MBRPMembrane-Bound Ribosome Protein
MBRPModified Block-Replacement Policy
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The research participants were randomly allocated to an MBRP group who received a treatment developed and based on Kabat-Zinn approach and to a no treatment group.
At a 12-month follow-up MBRP participants showed significantly fewer days of substance use and decreased drinking episodes compared to those who used a 12-step program [27].
Buddhist recovery and MBRP programs focus on comprehensive training in one or more meditation techniques, making meditation a feature of the program from the beginning (rather than later in the "11th" step), and providing ongoing support for development of a meditation practice.
2009) conducted a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to compare the feasibility and initial efficacy of MBRP with the 12-step treatment as usual (TAU) among individuals with substance use disorders.
MBRP is conducted using an 8-week, 2-hour group sessions following protocol in the MBRP treatment manual.
All-in-all, 100,000 sleepers will be laid between Maryborough and Mildura as part of the MBRP, of which nearly 30,000 have already been installed.
The Labor Government has put $220 million toward the MBRP more than half the overall cost of the project.
The goal of MBRP is not to change negative thoughts and feelings but to change our relationship to them.