MBRSMinority Biomedical Research Support (NIH)
MBRSMesoamerican Barrier Reef System
MBRSMoreton Bay Research Station (Australia)
MBRSMedical Bureau of Road Safety (Ireland)
MBRSMonterey Bay Regional Studies (Santa Cruz, CA)
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Yang, "Recent advances in membrane bioreactors (MBRs): membrane fouling and membrane material," Water Research, vol.
To evaluate the effect of polymer coated cell entrapping beads (CEBs) on biofouling control and sludge characteristics, two semi-pilot scale MBRs having same effective volume of 35 L i.e., quorum quenching MBR (QQ-MBR) with CEBs (Rhodococcus sp.) and conventional MBR (C-MBR) with vacant beads along with backwashing mechanism were operated in parallel (Fig.
If your oral fluid tests positive for cannabis or cocaine you will be arrested and brought to a Garda station where a blood specimen will be collected and sent to the MBRS for analysis.
LSFG depends on the movement of erythrocytes in the retina, the choroid and the optic nerve head (ONH), and the mean blur rate (MBR), which is an indicator of blood flow [17, 18].
Since each VO[s.sub.i] includes the entries which have been visited during messages delivery, the subscriber can simulate the procedure of the TMR-tree traversal and recursively reconstruct each MBR and compute its hash value in a bottom-up manner.
This significance motivates the recent experimental investigations and mathematical modelling on activated sludge rheology and on the impact of rheological properties on operating parameters for conventional activated sludge plants (e.g., [57-59]) and for membrane bioreactors MBRs (e.g., [51, 60, 61]).
Balilo said two other fishermen who were part of the crew of a fishing boat, MBRS Lipay, are still missing.
Traverse the dataset using open-source Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) [15], select the appropriate grid size according to each single TIFF image's MBR. We set the size to be a half of the minimum edge length of all MBRs.
Also, the German Market-Based representative of the Ministry of Tourism of Oman was ranked in the third place for "Marketing the country as a tourism destination for the German market," which is a testament to the streamlining efforts of both the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry's MBRs.
The collateral registry was launched jointly with the online Malawi Business Registration System (MBRS) by the country's Vice President Honorable Dr.