MBRSMinority Biomedical Research Support (NIH)
MBRSMesoamerican Barrier Reef System
MBRSMoreton Bay Research Station (Australia)
MBRSMedical Bureau of Road Safety (Ireland)
MBRSMonterey Bay Regional Studies (Santa Cruz, CA)
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If your oral fluid tests positive for cannabis or cocaine you will be arrested and brought to a Garda station where a blood specimen will be collected and sent to the MBRS for analysis.
If the herbal product contains a drug that can cause impairment it may be detected in a MBRS analysis.
The fishermen, aboard MBRS Lipay, left Palauig, Zambales for Scarborough Shoal to fish on Nov.
The MBRS Lipay was owned by a certain Roque Sandol of Palauig, Zambales.
MBRS Program (Vargas), RCMI (Opava), Center for Molecular, Developmental and Behavioral Neuroscience-RCM (Zuazaga); Resource Center for Science and Engineering-UPR (Zuazaga), Medical Sciences Campus Research Development-RCM (Zuazaga), and SCORE Program-RCM (Silva)].
It has also contributed to the research infrastructure of the Medical Sciences Campus through the involvement of key faculty in the establishment of the MBRS and the RCMI Programs.
Prior to the 1998 growing season the area under beds at MBRS and EDRS was completely reformed and enlarged after the soil was loosened with a multi-tyne ripper.
The testing for drugs of a sample of 1,000 drivers who were over the alcohol limit by the MBRS found 14 per cent were positive.
This project was supported, in part, by MBRS grant GRS5 SO6GM08224-7 and by the Associate Deanship of Biomedical Sciences and Graduate Studies of the Medical Sciences Campus, University of Puerto Rico.
The MBRS report showed of 416 drivers tested for drugs, 179 were positive.
The MBRS will facilitate the online registration of businesses, and automatically generate a Taxpayer Identification Number for the business.