MBRUMarine Biotechnology Research Unit (Thailand)
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During the event, MBRU faculty members offered the audience a glimpse of their research ranging from neurodevelopmental disorders, vector- borne viral disease and antibiotic resistance, to asthma and obesity.
After studying the initial idea, the KHDA directed it to the MBRU in order to study its feasibility.
Helen Henderson, lead simulation educator at MBRU said: "Teddy Bear Hospital creates a unique educational opportunity for children across the UAE.
We are proud that MBRU, our first medical university, has launched an organ transplant programme and has successfully conducted the first kidney transplant in Dubai in collaboration with Mediclinic City Hospital.
With the second cohort, now MBRU has over 90 students that includes 54 who were enrolled in 2016 belonging to to the class of 2022.
Dr Ammar Ahmad Sharif, vice-chancellor of MBRU, congratulated the new batch of students on their dedication and hard work and assured the parents that their wards were in safe hands.
Our transplant coordinator will study the case and screen the patients and coordinate with MBRU for potential transplant opportunities.
This initiative stems from an effective and balanced strategy for MBRU that aims at achieving regional leadership and global recognition in the fields of education, scientific research, medical services and community engagement.
Dr David Hickey, a transplant surgeon and former director of National Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Programme in Ireland, conducted the surgery along with Dr Farhad Janahi, Assistant Professor at MBRU and Consultant Urologist at the Mediclinic Hospital.
Dr Janahi, who was the chief researcher for the survey, based his conclusion on the findings of a National Survey on organ transplant that was presented at a special organ transplant forum held at MBRU last month.
Officials from MBRU announced the successful conclusion of the first series of Open Days to introduce the programme.
Dr Alawi Al Shaikh, Dean of MBRU, told Gulf News , "The world is a global village today and the demand for high quality health-care workers in the UAE is as high as anywhere else in the world.