MBSCHMember of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis
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There are Yagwoia who are adamant that one's mothers don't go past the MBSCh or at the very most MBSSCh; this is why such distant mothers cannot expect or claim a large mortuary payment unless they were looking after the person with food and clothes when alive, thereby exercising and substantialising their maternal orientation to him/her (see Mimica 1991).
(22.) This term is used by those who insist that MBSCh and MBSSCh are no longer one's mothers; those who insist that they am will use the term na, mother.
tg: FZ (m.s./f.s.), Bch (f.s.), FFZD (m.s./f.s.), MBSch (f.s.); terme de reference et, normalement, d'adresse mais l'usage indique une tendance pour la FZ de s'adresser plutot a ses neveux et nieces par le terme <<enfant>>, waa, ou encore par leur nom.