MBSPMont Belvieu Storage Partners
MBSPManitoba Breast Screening Program (Canada)
MBSPMyofibril-Bound Serine Proteinase
MBSPMouse Brain Serine Proteinase
MBSPManaged Business Services Provider (Australia)
MBSPModified Burst Suppression Pattern (neonatal neurological assessment predictor)
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The MBSP is partly funded by the Victorian and Commonwealth governments with co-contributions by Optus, Telstra and Vodafone.
At the Meta level, the Computation CBM test and the Concepts and Applications CBM test from the Monitoring Basic Skills Progress (MBSP) assessment were used (Fuchs, Hamlett & Fuchs, 1998).
During 1995-1998, MBSP rangers inspected the 3 km of beach each day from 1 March through 30 September.
Teachers used the teacher disk of MBSP to set end-of-year goals for students and to review student progress toward those goals.
Minister for Corporate and Information Services, Lauren Moss said the Australian Government needed to provide funding as promised under Round 1 of the MBSP so that these sites could be connected.
These include WABCOs breakthrough modular braking system platform mBSP to enable anti-lock braking (ABS), ESCsmart Electronic Stability Control and products from its suite of industry-leading ADAS technologies.
The Andrews Labor Government will continue to support the eradication of mobile black spots in regional Victoria, despite the Turnbull Liberal Government abandoning its Mobile Black Spot Programme (MBSP).
The funding comes as Victoria looks set to be short-changed in the latest round of the Federal Governments Mobile Black Spot Programme (MBSP) due largely to a severe lack of consultation.
Telstras rollout of the Federal Governments Mobile Black Spot Program (MBSP) is ramping up even further with 148 new mobile base stations allocated under round two of the project now added to its rollout schedule.