MBSWManchester Business School Worldwide (UK)
MBSWMonument Builders of the Southwest
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MBSW in flow field) x (1.4 x |10.sup.-10~/kg-day), |A.3~
where x represents the stock of MBSW in the groundwater flow field (mg.), and
Note finally that the use of a value less than unity for the MBSW leaching coefficient would decrease the mean individual dose for landfilled MEK accordingly.
Two salient points emerge from this type of analysis, as demonstrated by one such assessment of the two main disposal possibilities for metal-bearing solvent wastes (MBSW) (IEc 1986).
The class of residuals considered is known as metal-bearing solvent waste (MBSW), which results from the use of organic solvents in several industrial applications.
MBSW often is a "soup" of several solvents and metals.
In this illustration, I focus only on the risks of human health effects from the disposal of MBSW. For noncarcinogens, response generally is modeled as a nonlinear function of dose, which suggests the use of the following simple and commonly used form (ICF 1986):(3)
The next section discusses the results of the model's simulation for MBSW and also the results of sensitivity analysis with respect to the solvent degradation rate and the disposal cost differential.