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In solving equations |12~ and |21~ for the MBSW illustration, this example uses the H-values and threshold levels for lead and MEK that appear in the ICF Phase II Report to EPA (ICF 1986).
For example, a lower assumed value for MBSW leakage from the land disposal site, a shorter distance between the incinerator and the closest population center, etc.
Due to the low volatility, high water solubility, and high soil mobility of MEK, as well as the relative immobility of lead in the subsurface, assume that the leaching of organic solvent represents the sole hazard of MBSW land disposal.
x~ is a coefficient representing the percentage of MBSW that is expected to leach from the land disposal site to the surrounding aquifer, with 0 |is less than or equal to~ |L.
where y represents the rate of incineration of MBSW (mg/year), and