MBTBManitoba Breast Tumor Bank (Canada)
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On the other hand, the Jaccard index showed the similarity between each sample of honey in terms of the presence / absence of botanical species, where four groups are observed, among them the first and last, since there is a dissimilarity between these honey samples (MsTa, MbTb and MbTa).
4), the MbTa, MbTb and MsTa honeys are negatively correlated with the reducing sugars variable, which was higher (> 60%), the MsIc sample was related to HMF being in the same way one of the higher values of this compound (2.30 mg/100 g), in the MsSJb sample the diastase activity registered the highest enzymatic activity, the SmCa honey is closely related to the pH and EC variables; the samples SmId, SmIc and SmFMb have a positive correlation with the variables HMF, [a.sub.w], humidity, free acidity and color, with higher moisture, more acidic, with water activity superior to samples of Meliponas, and were the darkest ones.
MBTB showed ubiquitous expression in the ovary, testis, midgut, and Malpighian tubule.