MBTEMethyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (fuel additive)
MBTEMyelin Basic Protein Transcription Element (genetics)
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38) The switch from MBTE to ethanol "coincided with the seasonal change-over to less-evaporative summer-grade gasoline.
Currently, 28 states have shown MBTE water contamination, which could require costly work to clean up.
In addition to the immunity action, the bill sought payment of $2 billion over seven years as transition assistance for MBTE makers having to phase out production of the additive.
Everything from pesticides like atrazine to a possibly cancer-causing gasoline additive called MBTE.
Up to 43% MBTE (up from the current 23%) will be used in U.
Gordon, along with Senior Partner Perry Weitz and Robin Greenwald were finalists for the Public Justice Foundation's Trial Lawyer of the Year award for their work in the MBTE litigation.
Alkylate is made from propylene by refiners and is used as a gasoline blending ingredient that may replace the environmentally under fire additive MBTE.
There, a photo detector converts the light into an electrical signal, and a microprocessor performs a spectral analysis, which indicates the level of octane and MBTE present in the sample.
MyCelx units clean carcinogenic wastewater, a by-product of MBTE production, so it may be safely discharged or re-used.
According to Ethanol Fuel Markets 2007, a full ten-fold increase in the use of ethanol worldwide is possible during the next ten years if ethanol replaces MBTE as the preferred oxygenate in gasoline.
Myth: PWC cause the majority of MBTE emissions into surface water bodies.
Fact: Leaking underground fuel storage tanks and pipeline spills are the major sources of MBTE emissions in surface waters.