MBTEMethyl Tertiary-Butyl Ether (fuel additive)
MBTEMyelin Basic Protein Transcription Element (genetics)
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(37) Reduced inventories also resulted from the switch from MBTE to other gasoline additives.
(38) The switch from MBTE to ethanol "coincided with the seasonal change-over to less-evaporative summer-grade gasoline." This resulted in a decrease in the volume of gas produced.
Currently, 28 states have shown MBTE water contamination, which could require costly work to clean up.
Ethanol's leading competitor as a pollution-fighting fuel additive is a compound called MBTE (methyl tertiary butyl ether), which many believe causes groundwater contamination.
Now NAFTA is looking at another case: A Canadian company is seeking $970 million because the state of California is phasing out the gasoline additive MBTE on health grounds the company says are not scientifically justified.
(MTBE from leaking underground storage tanks contaminates soil and groundwater.) But the Canadian corporation Methanex, which produces the MBTE ingredient methanol, viewed California's action as a confiscation of its property.
has come out with an under-sink mounted water filter that not only filters out at least 92 percent of MBTE but also helps eliminate a host of other chemicals, tastes, odors, lead, chlorine and bacterial contaminants.
Everything from pesticides like atrazine to a possibly cancer-causing gasoline additive called MBTE. If that makes you nervous, here are three things you can do:
2) a polar alcohol (methanol ethanol) and/or ether (MBTE or ETBE).
Alkylate is made from propylene by refiners and is used as a gasoline blending ingredient that may replace the environmentally under fire additive MBTE.
There, a photo detector converts the light into an electrical signal, and a microprocessor performs a spectral analysis, which indicates the level of octane and MBTE present in the sample.