MBTOCMethyl Bromide Technical Options Committee
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In Decision IX/6, the parties requested "the Technology and Economic Assessment Panel to review nominations and make recommendations based on the criteria established in paragraphs 1(a)(ii) and 1(b) of the present decision" and specified that the "decision will apply to Parties operating under Article 5 and Parties not so operating only after the phase-out date applicable to those Parties" (TEAP and MBTOC, 2002).
However, according to the Handbook on Critical Use Nominations for Methyl Bromide (TEAP and MBTOC, 2002), "[f]ollowing precedent established for nomination, reviews and acceptance of essential use nominations (Decision IV/25), critical use nominations are considered for exemptions on an annual basis.
Further information OH the work of the lab and copies of the MBTOC Report can be obtained from Julie Carter at CSIRO Entomology in Canberra 02 6246 4001, email: juliec@ento.com.au