MBTUone million British Thermal Units per hour (also seen as MMBTU)
MBTUone thousand British Thermal Units (original definition, M = thousand; less common)
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5 per MBTU and $8 for cement industries, $7 for the iron and steel, aluminium, and copper industries, but the government has raised the price of oil fuel for cement companies to EGP 3,500.
6) per million British Thermal Units (MBTUs), down from a peak of $13 per MBTU.
5 MBTU gas fired steam/hot water non-condensing boiler.
21 per MBTU to test two gas turbines of 250 MW each in October 2010 and February 2011.
In order to reflect the loads on all of the 41 heat pumps, the heating and cooling MBTU output of each unit was multiplied by the hours each unit ran to determine their respective heating and cooling output on a month by month basis.
The MBTU output for the heat pumps cooling and heating loads were then calculated for each season.
65 per MBTU (million British thermal unit), according to Aboul Enein, and it might increase to $4.
Table 3: Hourly Run Times of all Heat Pumps and the MBTU Output for Each Mode Year Month Hourly BTU Representation Representation Cooling Mode Heating Cooling Mode Mode hours hours MBTU/kWh 2011 April 2,381.