MBTUHThousand British Thermal Units per Hour
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RVAC SYSTEM PARAMETER BRADFORD (HFC) TURNER (TC) Air Handler Outdoor Airflow Capacity 4,100 5,000 (cfm) Air Handler Supply Airflow Capacity 36,100 34,000 (cfm) Space Cooling Capacity (M Btu/h) 950 908 Estimated Heat Reclaim Capacity (MBtu/h)(Based On Available Heat of Rejection from Up to 900 500-1,000 Refrigeration) * Nominal Heat Reclaim Loop Design 100 120 Temperature ([degrees]F) Nominal Boiler Output Capacity (MBtuH) 638 638 * TC C[O.sub.2] systems differ from full condensing heat reclaim in that heat reclaim is con-ducted directly off the compressor discharge line.
To first illustrate the difference in the different calculation procedures, Figure 3 shows annual emissions calculated for an intermediate case--10 kW (34 MBTUH) nominal capacity heat pump with a 200 m (656 ft) deep borehole for nine different evaluation options.