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MBWMr. Brainwash (French filmmaker and artist)
MBWMemory Bandwidth
MBWMemory Bus Width
MBWMacBreak Weekly (podcast series; Twit.tv)
MBWMy Beautiful Wife
MBWMetropolitan Board of Works
MBWMoorabbin Airport (Victoria, Australia)
MBWMarine Barracks Washington (Washington, DC, USA)
MBWMacBook White (Apple Computer, Inc.)
MBWmad black woman
MBWMaine Business Works
MBWMovement for a Better World
MBWManaging by Wire
MBWManaging by Walking
MBWMonthly Blood Work
MBWMarried Black Woman
MBWMy Beautiful Woman (Backstreet Boys song)
MBWModifiable Ballistics Weapon (aircraft bomb using fins/parachute to modify descent)
MBWMachine Builders of Wisconsin
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They found that StO2 increased with blood pressure for LBW babies but decreased with blood pressure for the MBW babies.
This confirmed the MBW model is more suitable to describe the state of bound water in coal.
Among the greatest concerns were the scarcity of funds and the probably unfriendly designs of Charles V in the Imperial Diet of Augsburg, which opened in September and threatened "fresh exile" (MBW 4904.4-5).
Age, prepregnancy BMI, BMI gain before 24 weeks, family history of DM, MBW, and FPG level in the first trimester showed statistical differences and these six variables were considered risk factors for GDM.{Table 2}{Table 3}
L: total body length; MBW: maximum body width; ABW: anal-body width; VBW: vulval-body width; EP: distance from anterior end to excretory pore; ES: distance from anterior end to base of esophagus; GuL: gubernaculum length; GuW: gubernaculum width; NR: nerve-ring position; STL: stoma length; STW: stoma width; SpL: spicule length; SpW: spicule width; TL: tail length; TRL: testis-reflection length; D: EP-ES; E: EP-TL; GS: GuL-SpL; V%: (L-length to vagina) x 100; a: L-MBW; b: L-ES; c: L-TL; d: EP-ES; e: EP-TL.
Founded in a garage in 1981 by Mark Beamish, MBW cemented itself as the leader in commercial waterproofing and coating on the West Coast.
The low divergence and circular beam emission from the edge-emitting diode lasers modified Bragg-like waveguide (MBW) was demonstrated previously [5].
"Smaller street cuts are definitely becoming more the norm, and this tool gives them greater mobility during compaction," said Rick Gramoll, a MBW manager, noting that there is the possibility of new requirements for compaction around pipes - not just above them - that would further enhance the value of his company's new tool.
Variables (1) Diets (2) SEM (3) CT CP SH IBW, kg 15.9 15.8 15.6 0.73 MBW, kg 20.9 22.0 21.5 0.92 FBW, kg 24.9 27.3 26.9 1.06 ADG, kg 0.16 0.21 0.20 0.01 DMI, kg/day 0.65 0.80 0.79 0.03 FE, gain:feed 0.25 0.26 0.27 0.01 Variables (1) P value (4) CT*COP CP*SH Per Diet*Per IBW, kg 0.50 0.72 -- -- MBW, kg 0.12 0.43 -- -- FBW, kg 0.02 0.56 -- -- ADG, kg 0.02 0.70 0.13 0.64 DMI, kg/day <0.01 0.73 <0.01 0.05 FE, gain:feed 0.37 0.66 <0.01 0.30 (1) IBW: initial body weight; MBW: medium body weight, weight at 28-d of the experimental period; FBW: final body weight, weight at 56-d of the experimental period; ADG: average daily gain; DMI: dry matter intake; FE: feed efficiency (gain:feed).