MBWMr. Brainwash (French filmmaker and artist)
MBWMemory Bandwidth
MBWMemory Bus Width
MBWMacBreak Weekly (podcast series; Twit.tv)
MBWMy Beautiful Wife
MBWMetropolitan Board of Works
MBWMoorabbin Airport (Victoria, Australia)
MBWMarine Barracks Washington (Washington, DC, USA)
MBWMacBook White (Apple Computer, Inc.)
MBWmad black woman
MBWMaine Business Works
MBWMovement for a Better World
MBWManaging by Wire
MBWManaging by Walking
MBWMonthly Blood Work
MBWMarried Black Woman
MBWMy Beautiful Woman (Backstreet Boys song)
MBWModifiable Ballistics Weapon (aircraft bomb using fins/parachute to modify descent)
MBWMachine Builders of Wisconsin
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A revised edition of the Melanchthon biography by Heinz Scheible, founding editor of MBW, is also a timely guide.
MBW is proud to be nominated alongside so many other positive forces within Orange County.
The anniversary thus drew attention to a very important coincidence: by the end of its near three-score and ten, the MBW will span two very different conditions of scholarship.
The small engine and lead mechanic at the tripartite (electric, gas and water/wastewater) municipal utility found a broken internal part in the device and reached out to MBW for a replacement.
Amount of Haq Meher has been fixed as $ 100,000 while Doctor Tariq Shahab gifted MBW to Reema as wedding gift.
Bakery Waste substitute barley grain by 10, 20, and 30% of the diet DM in the LBW, MBW, and HBW diets, respectively, as shown in Table 1.
Worldwide Computer Products News-15 June 2010-GoNet unveils new MBW Wi-Fi CPE/Repeater product line(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
katya m:yurntal m:katya f:waputyu f:yurntal m:waputyu m:yukari G-2 BSD BDS BDD ZSS ZSD tyamu tyamu G+2 MM kaparli G+1 MB = MBW kamuru kurntili f:waputyu G-0 MBS MBD W f:kurri m:kurri m:kurri kurta tyurtu watyira watyira G-1 ZD = ZDH D = DH f:yurntal yurntal f:mingkayi m:yurntal f:waputyu G-2 ZSD ZDS ZDD DS DD tyamu kaparli m:kurri
Performance of juvenile barramundi reared at different temperatures and fed different rations Temp Ration Initial Final GMW Energy MBW weight weight exp on ent [degrees]C g/fish g/fish g/fish kg/fish 25.
The first MBW bullet was a 500-grainer cast in an RCBS mold, a bullet I've found to be very accurate with black powder in my .