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MBWAMobile Broadband Wireless Access (IEEE 802.20)
MBWAManagement by Wandering Around (aka Management by Wandering About; aka Managing by Walking Around)
MBWAMetropolitan Basketball Writers Association (various locations)
MBWAManage by Walking Around (business concept)
MBWAMet Basketball Writers Association
MBWAMassachusetts Black Women Attorneys
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MBWA is a powerful and effective tool when used regularly in a workplace environment that is conducive to such practices by exhibiting a free flow of information.
Greenisis uses cutting-edge MBWA technology and delivers low-radiation and environmentally-friendly services.
H1: There is significant effect of MBWA style over employee performance through the culture of an organization.
After an overview of the enhanced mobile communications ecosystem model and a review of OFDMA, four chapters look at four different radio access techniques: 3G-LTE, WiMAX, 3GPP EV-DO, and IEEE MBWA.
Such tactics as Lean Six Sigma, MBWA, TQM, Scenario Planning and a host of other "Best Practices" populate the landscape.
Garcia, "Macro-and Micro-mobility Handoffs in Mobile IP Based MBWA Network", Global Telecommunications Conference, 2004.
In an MBWA environment, managers would spend a lot of time informally visiting employees on the front lines.
What's important to Astles is maintaining a "flat line management style" involving MBWA (Management By Walking Around) principles.
3, Richard Tanner Pascale, Managing on the Edge (New York: Touchdtone/Simon and Schuster, 1990),20 Copyright by Richard Pascale presenting the following chronologically: "Decision Trees, Management Grid, Satisfier/Dissatisfiers, Theory X and Theory Y, Brainstorming, T Group Training, Conglomeration, MBO, Diversification, Quality Circles, Excellence, Restructuring, Portfolio Management, MBWA, Matrix, Kanban, Intrapreneuring, Corporate Culture, One Minute Managing, Down Sizing, Self Management teams, TQM, Learning Organizations, ERP, Knowledge Management"
I am sure you've heard of "management by walking around," or MBWA.