MBWPMobile Bay Writing Project (University of South Alabama; College of Education)
MBWPMedicine Bow Wind Project (Wyoming)
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A number of sub-microfacies can be recognized in this micorfacies type, these sub- microfacies types include; Bivalve- Miscellanea wacke-packstone (BiMWP), Algal wacke- packstone (AWP), Orbitoididea - Miscellanea wacke-packstone (OMWP), Miscellanea wacke- packstone (MWP), Miscellanea - algal wacke- packstone (MAWP), Miscellanea-bioclastic wacke- packstone (MBWP).
The sub-microfacies types are recognized based on the second dominant constituents such as bivalves in BiMWP, algae in AWP, Orbitoididea in OMWP, Miscellanea in MAWP and in MBWP sub-microfacies.
The sub-type represents sub environments of deposition as proximal foraminiferal back-shoal (BiMWP), foraminiferal back-shoal to lagoon (AWP), distal foraminiferal back-shoal (OMWP), proximal foraminiferal back-shoal (MWP), distal foraminiferal back-shoal to lagoon (MAWP) and distal foraminiferal back-shoal (MBWP).