MBoCMolecular Biology of the Cell
MBoCMinority Business Opportunity Committee
MBoCMinority Business Opportunity Center (various locations)
MBoCMaison Bois Outil Concept (French: Wooden House Design Tool)
MBoCMiddle Bay Oil Company, Inc. (Houston, TX)
MBoCMedical Business Office Consultants (Cornelius, NC)
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With the lowering of the threshold, the poll body also directed the MBOC in the two towns to "transmit the results for the national positions in their respective Provincial Board of Canvassers (PBOC)."
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The MBOC modulated signal can be produced by CBOC or time-multiplexed BOC (TMBOC) signals.
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The problem is that the research reported in higher-prestige journals is more Likely to be cited and puts their authors ahead of the game for funding, promotion, and the Like, said David Drubin, editor-in-chief of MBoC, the journal of the American Society for Celt Biology.
Chapters on Vancouver Opera and Pacific Opera Victoria (formed in 1980) are interspersed with those on organizations such as Vancouver New Music and the Modern Baroque Opera Company (MBOC).
This interoperability techically materialised on 26 July 2007, when the two parties announced that they had reached an agreement on a common signal (called MBOC) for the civil use of both systems.