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MBqMegabecquerel (SI)
MBqMohawks of the Bay of Quinte (Ontario, Canada)
MBqMetropolitan Baltimore Quadel (Baltimore, MD)
MBqMerchant Bar Quality (steel)
MBqManhattan, Brooklyn and Queens (New York)
MBqMuhammad Bin Qasim (Pakistani general)
MBqMcBurger Queen (comic)
MBqMetal Boat Quarterly
MBqMessage-Based Queuing
MBqModified Biquinary Code
MBqMinimum Base Quantity (inventory/sourcing)
MBqminimum batch quantity
MBqModern Breakfast Quartet (band)
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At the onset of the experiment, the [sup.33]P-Fe and j3P-A1 treatments blended in the soil had a S A of 0.023 MBq [mg.sup.-1] P (Luvisol) and 0.029 MBq [mg.sup.-1] P (Ferralsol).
Sicanlara aneztezi altinda 37 MBq Tc-99m DMSA kuyruk veninden uyguladiktan yaklasik 2-4 saat sonra gama kamera altinda anterior, posterior, sag ve sol posterior oblikten statik goruntuler alinir.
0% of patients for presence and absence of LNM, respectively; p=0.063), as well as for association of LNM and higher total I-131 activity (5500 MBq [150 mCi] vs.
All patients were given sub areolar, peritumoural injections of 37 MBq (1 mCi) 99mTc labeled nanocolloids (NanocollA(r) GE Healthcare Inc.) pre-operatively, on surgery table.
For SPECT/CT imaging, 21.07 [+ or -] 2.38 MBq of [sup.201]Tl labeled PBNP was injected in 150 [micro]l physiological saline (Braun, Hungary) into a lateral tail vein.
Created by one of Georgia's few, African-American film studio owners, Frank Lewis, of Lewis Finch Studios, MBQ Magazine will offer diverse and relevant business content as well as men's fashion, culture, and the overall reflection of the modern-day businessman.
saatte olculen doz hizi ortalamalari [.sup.131]I tedavilerinde 3700, 5550 ve 7400 MBq icin sirasiyla; 24.7[+ or -]7 [micro]Sv/sa, 52.1[+ or -]17 [micro]Sv/sa ve 66.7[+ or -]15 [micro]Sv/sa; [.sup.177]Lu- DOTATATE tedavilerinde 3700, 5550 ve 7400 MBq icin sirasiyla; 3.7[+ or -]1, 5.1[+ or -]2 ve 7.1[+ or -]3 [micro]Sv/sa, [.sup.177]Lu-PSMA tedavisinde 7400 MBq icin 7.2[+ or -]3 [micro]Sv/sa ve [.sup.90]Y mikrokure tedavisinde 4[+ or -]0.3 [micro]Sv/sa olarak bulundu.
Beads were prepared containing 37 MBq [sup.99m]Tc[O.sub.4.sup.-] and washed thoroughly with distilled water before drying.
For instance at 2 [mu]Ahr proton dose, as much as 0.18 [+ or -] 0.08 MBq of [sup.56]Co is detected, whereas 0.11 [+ or -] 0.06 [mu]Ci of [sup.110m]Ag is recorded at the same proton dose.
The patients received an intravenous dose of 10 MBq/kg with a fixed minimum of 400 MBq and a fixed maximum of 1500 MBq of [sup.99m]Tc-hydroxymethylene diphosphonate ([sup.99m]Tc-HMDP) (Technescan, Mallinckrodt, USA).
Recently, it is proposed to be equivalent of the Misri Banda Quartzite (MBQ) having occupied the same stratigraphic position (Qasim et al., 2015).