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MBUSMagpul Back-Up Sight (rifles)
MBUSMaintenance Group Blocking Unblocking Sending
MBUSMessage Bus
MBUSMaster Bus
MBUSMemory Bus
MBUSMaster of Business
MBUSModule Bus
MBUSMaintenance Bus
MBUSMaking Best Use of Science (UK)
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After running for 45 minutes or so in the heat, the MBU suddenly shuts down.
Repeated tries at starting the MBU get the same result.
The CPU-20VT has 2 MBus slots for up to four, 150 MHz hyperSPARC processors.
Our hyperSPARC architecture, with 150MHz MBus performance, and FORCE COMPUTER'S VME expertise provides the right solution for high-performance embedded applications.
The upgrade capacity of SPARC Technology Business' flexible MBus architecture is unparalleled -- systems OEMs can rejuvenate sales of existing products with minimal design costs, while users who bought systems four years ago can continue to upgrade to today's performance levels.