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MBUSMagpul Back-Up Sight (rifles)
MBUSMaster Bus
MBUSMemory Bus
MBUSMaintenance Group Blocking Unblocking Sending
MBUSMessage Bus
MBUSMaster of Business
MBUSModule Bus
MBUSMaintenance Bus
MBUSMaking Best Use of Science (UK)
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Since the MBUS is a single-master and multislave structure, there is no arbitration so that the command stage takes only one master cycle, in which "m_ce," "m_wr," and "m_addr" are sent from master to salve.
By analyzing the MBUS protocol, it can be observed that the sequence of command stages can be predicted, exploited, and rearranged using a scheduler or an arbiter [16].
As a case study, we consider that MBUS address will be of 16-bit wide for both original and encoding tests.
The addresses on the encoding MBUS are "0x0FF0," "0x0FF3," "0x0FF3," and "0x0FF3." Notice that the last three transactions are not modified so that the switching activity, calculated as 2/(16 x 4) in this case, is lower than the toggle rate of the original MBUS.
The switching rate is only 2/16 for the encoding MBUS; however, the original bus costs 11/16 bus toggle rate.
As an example shown in Table 1, the IO power dissipation is 16.04 mW with 12.2% signal rate on the original MBUS (as shown in the third row), and the IO power cost is reduced to 2.53 mW due to the very low signal rate (1.9%) on the encoding MBUS (as shown in the fourth row).
Algorithm 1: Algorithm for the encoding MBUS address.
Fuel is one of the big differences between the M2 and the MBU. The M2 uses gasoline.
When it's filled with fuel, the MBU weighs about 58 pounds.
Just like the M2 burners, the MBU emits carbon monoxide (CO) gas when it's operating.
The modern burner unit (MBU) is fast replacing the old M2 burner in the field.