MC02Millennium Challenge 2002 (joint field experiment)
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During MC02, the opposing force (OPFOR) destroyed the majority of A/5-20 IN.
That vision was the basis for the MC02 Log COP display.
The MC02 Log COP was developed using the Joint Logistics Transformation Center's Log COP vision as a guide and the Share Point Portal Server (SPPS) from the Experimental Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (XC4I) System as the software application.
During MC02, the designated "knowledge manager" provided the basic SPPS pages to the primary participants from the combatant command, the JTF, and service or functional components.
The MC02 Log COP provided users access to current relevant logistics data, information, and tools.
The Joint Operational Planning/Execution System, Joint Flow and Analysis System for Transportation, Sustainment Generator, and Theater Medical Information Program also were available to MC02 logisticians but not directly through the Log COP.
During MC02, all joint effects-based planning meetings were held in a collaborative information environment.
Van Riper sidelined himself in a huff, and wrote a critical after-action report on MC02 to the Pentagon.
The Pentagon responded that MC02 wasn't a game at all, but an experiment intended to test key concepts.
While many of the staff from PEO C3T were involved in MC02, a Tiger Team was assembled to outline a plan for achieving interoperability for the possibility of a real war during a week of collaboration so intense, Mr.
To solve the problem of information exchange between GCCS-A and MCS-L, lessons learned from MC02 proved key.
Kernan, commander of the US Joint Forces Command, which organized and operated MC02, said the exercise showed the importance of a Standing Joint Force Headquarters to coordinate the efforts of all the armed services during wartime.