MC12Mobile Companion 12 (Ericsson's palm top)
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Cars available: GranTurismo, GranCabrio, Quattroporte, Ghibli, Levante, GranTurismo Sport GT4, MC12
Cluster A subcluster 1 group I consisted of slow-growing isolates (KT5, MK15, MC9, MC14, MC12, MC10, MC8, KT4, KT6) that were white in color and medium sized with smooth margins and alkalized YMA medium containing BTB.
Around 20 local and international companies had collected documents for the MC12 contract when the tender was floated in August 2012.
Grosjean's lap of 2 minutes 07.580 seconds in the No 5 Matech Competition team car, bettered Michael Bartels' time of 2:08.714 in the Vitaphone Racing Team Maserati MC12. Andrea Piccini in the No 14 Phoenix Racing/Carsport Corvette Z06 was third with 2:09.019.
Embora tenha sido verificada interacao significativa entre variedades e locais, as variedades MC7 (BR 106), MC8 (Cabo Roxo), MC23 (Palha Roxa), MC22 (Ouro Verde) e MC12 (Comum Antigo x Sabugo Fino) apresentaram medias de produtividade significativamente maiores e melhores estimativas de [v.sub.j], para ambos os locais (Tabela 3).
A track version of the Ferrari FXX and Maserati MC12, the R is longer, lighter and lower than its road-equipped brother.
Maserati has unveiled its racing car-style MC12 Versione Corse as a plaything for the rich.
As for her favourite drive, it would have to be the MC12, with over 600bhp and only 50 built.
No it is not a Vauxhall Corsa but rather a Maserati Corsa, or to give it the full title - Maserati MC12 Corsa.
But this is the built-to-order Maserati supercar version, the V12, 6.0 litre MC12 Corsa, and the price is one million euros (pounds 685,000) - plus taxes.
No it is not a Vauxhall Corsa but rather a Maserati Corsa or, to give it the full title, Maserati MC12 Corsa.
The engine is also packaged with self-contained batteries that are housed within the 9 in., MC12 channel frame rails.